Booking Requests

Dr Reece Yeo only works with motivated and health conscious clients who understand that there is no magic bullet approaches when it comes to optimising health and wellness using natural therapies. Dr Reece’s most successful clients take sole ownership of their own health and wellness, and are prepared to work closely with Dr Reece Yeo when embarking on their health journey. They understand the importance of finding the root cause(s) of their health concerns and (when necessary) are willing to invest in the necessary functional tests that will help them with this; they are willing to make changes to their diet and lifestyle, and take any herbal or nutritional supplements as required; they also understand that health and behavioural changes take time and effort, and they are willing to stick to their treatment protocols and see these through to the end.

Dr Reece Yeo does not see patients who want only acupuncture treatments, paediatric patients or patients with the following health issues: severe psycho-emotional issues, eating disorders, fertility or IVF support, and patients on warfarin/coumadin. As the clinic is accessible only by a long flight of stairs, Dr Reece Yeo will unfortunately not be able to see patients who have severe mobility issues.

Dr Reece Yeo sees patients by appointment only between 10am-6pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Consult charges* are as follow:

Initial Consult (up to 90 minutes) A$240
Follow-up Consult (up to 30 minutes) A$90
Follow-up Consult (up to 45 minutes) A$120
Follow-up Consult (up to 60 minutes) A$150

*Consult charges are not inclusive of any functional tests, herbs or nutritional supplements prescribed.

To find out more about what Dr Reece Yeo’s initial consult entails, please click here.

Bookings can be made by using the Booking Request Form below. Private health fund rebates may apply.